Completely Absent | video

‘Completely Absent’ is a song from Bodypolitics’ first record, ‘The Space of a Jump’. A fundamental step in the promotion of the band’s work was to create their first video. Written in collaboration with the band’s frontman, my roles were those of director and first camera during two very long days of shooting, then editor in the following weeks. The locations are the basement of a WWI fort (where the studio used by the band to record is also located) and white sand dunes hidden within a forest on the outskirts of Utrecht. Two cameras were used, plus lights, smoke machine and shoulder rig, which were rented on location.
The process was incredibly formative regarding pretty much every aspect of a music video production.


The video was featured in the Music section of the RAI website (RAI is Italy’s national TV network) and on the WebStage of the Lowlands Festival 2012 (Netherlands).