About Me

Alessandro is a London-based digital designer/filmmaker.
Born in Italy, he relocated to the UK at a young age, as he felt his native country was restrictive in mentality and lacking opportunities.

He has worked in many different positions through the years, finally ending up in the video game industry, where he remained for 4 years but ultimately quit to adjust his career path towards more creative directions, and went on to complete a BA in Digital Media Design at the LCC.
During the course he has improved his design/web design skills to a professional standard and realised his innate ability at directing and editing digital video.

Alessandro listens to metal/electronic/experimental/ambient music and goes to gigs on a weekly basis.

Other interests include playing every videogame he can get his hands on (of which he keeps an extensive and detailed list in Excel format), obscure movies, the typography of metal bands logos, Japanese culture and animation, technology, stereotype Cyberpunk imagery, stop-motion animation, dream narrative and alchemy.

These are what he believes to be his stronger talents:
1-Always likes to see things from new perspectives.
2-Being often creative and inspired, which makes him come up with new ideas all the time.
3-A realistic and practical outlook on managing creative projects with available resources.